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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers are a leading in-house care services provider in Putney and across the UK. Our team of committed and professional consultants have over 14 years of experience in domestic services and we pride ourselves on offering our clients a bespoke, targeted recruitment service that matches up the right companion housekeeper with our clients' specific requirements.

Whatever your particular needs, we deliver a search designed to provide the right level of well-being, comfort and service for your circumstances - and naturally, our clients have the final say on the candidate eventually selected and placed with them. We offer supported interviews in which you or your familiy can interview a potential companion housekeeper in Putney. We also provide ongoing support for all enquiries and change requests as service needs evolve over time.

Our focus is on providing a smooth, efficient and high-quality recruitment process that makes life as stress-free as possible for our clients and which gives them total confidence in the companion housekeeper recruited to care and support them. Additionally, we can provide access to payroll services and contracts, together with support for accounting and HMRC notifications, to make the recruitment and management process as easy as possible.

What does a companion housekeeper in Putney do?

The primary role of a companion housekeeper in Putney is to provide security, support and practical assistance that enables you to maintain the independence that you have enjoyed in your own home. For example, the companion housekeeper might ensure that their client can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle by accompanying them on walks and helping them to travel safely to classes at a local leisure centre. They might shop for healthy groceries and help provide ideas for healthy new recipes, as well as taking care of cooking so that you can enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of great-tasting, nutritious and well-balanced meals.

An example of the types of duties our companion housekeepers in Putney undertake for our clients, based on their needs are:

  • Help to walk and care for any pets
  • Carry out laundry to ensure clothes, bedding and other linens are kept impeccably clean
  • Keep the house clean, tidy and in beautiful condition
  • Keep up to date with any appointments that you must attend, and accompanying you to those appointments as required
  • Liaise with other agencies who may be involved with your overall care and well-being, providing updates and information that assist in their own service delivery
  • Shopping support, recipe ideas, cooking and washing up
  • Companion support to help you to continue to enjoy hobbies, recreation, health and leisure time to the fullest
  • Assistance with visiting local amenities such as libraries, leisure centres, social clubs and more.
  • Encouragement to walk and maintain an active lifestyle
  • Support with travel, such as accompanying you on bus and public transport journeys.

Other types of support can be provided according to your individual needs.


The benefits of a companion housekeeper

The right choice of companion housekeeper offers our clients peace of mind, security and a feeling of being safe and supported in their own home. On a practical level, the role makes sure that life is stress-free and made easy. The companion housekeeper will ensure that the home is kept perfectly clean and tidy, and will accompany you to social and health events. The service is designed around your individual needs and will be bespoke according to those needs and interests.

Here at Guardian Carers, we have a hard-earned reputation and track record in sourcing the best companion housekeepers to help individuals who need help from a trustworthy and experienced professional in maintaining independence in their own home. By taking on daily tasks such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and cooking, our clients can relax and pursue beneficial social and health activities and maintain their interests and hobbies. We believe that lifestyles should not be restricted by medical conditions or age, where support can be provided to bridge the gap.

Things to do with a companion housekeeper in Putney

  • Take an accompanied stroll to Fulham Palace and walk around the surroundings
  • Watch the boats from Putney Bridge on a sunny day with a companion to share the sights and experience
  • Shop for groceries and local fare at Putney Market, or pick up essentials along Putney High Street
  • See a show at Putney Arts Theatre
  • Enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation at one of Putney's Grade II listed pubs
  • Ramble through Wandsworth Park and enjoy a cup of tea and a scone at the cafe
  • Watch the birds and see nature at local Bishop's Park
  • Enjoy some satire at The Political Cartoon Gallery
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