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Who are Guardian Carers?

Guardian Carers are the premium providers of in-home care services. We have a highly experienced and professional team with more than 14 years of experience in domestic staffing and care services. We are here to provide our clients with an attentive, bespoke service that finds the right companion housekeeper in Virginia Water for their specific requirements. Our service offer is comprehensive and designed entirely around individual client needs.

We make sure that your well-being always comes first and we have a strong track record in finding committed, qualified and caring staff - delivering all pre-screening and pre-recruitment activity to create a shortlist of excellent candidates for every role.

Our clients are very welcome to interview the candidates that we find for a companion housekeeper role in Virginia Water and we offer ongoing support for any queries and change requests as the service need evolves. We also work hard to ensure that the hiring process is stress-free and simple, providing value-add services such as payroll, contracting, accountancy and HMRC registration as required.

What is expected from a companion housekeeper?

When people experience a health condition or the physical effects of ageing, they often worry that they will be forced to move into a residential care home. However, the benefits of having a companion housekeeper to provide tailored and individual in-person care are significant. The primary benefit is that the this service enables you to continue to enjoy your independence and the home that you have lived in happily over the years.

This can maintain health, well-being and happiness without the stress of moving into an unfamiliar environment in a forced situation. A companion housekeeper in Virginia Water will offer the tailored and targeted support that you need. For example, they will take care of practical considerations such as security and safety around the home, cleaning, appointment management and cooking.

They will also provide companionship and support with continuing leisure and social activities, such as attending classes, walking for health, exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with nutritious meals and the time needed for you to relax and enjoy pursuits and favourite pastimes. They can also help to take care of pets and to ensure that medications are taken correctly and that appointments are attended.

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Benefits of a companion housekeeper

Our highly trained and experienced companion housekeepers work hard to ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free, easier life with the help that they need to maintain independence in their own home. Our clients benefit from peace of mind and certainty, knowing that they are being cared for and supported by a professional with the right training and accreditations for the role.

The companion housekeepers ensure that the house is clean and tidy and that security and safety are maintained. They can update other agencies on things that they need to know (such as appointment attendance and medication taking). The companion housekeeper also ensures that tasty and nutritious meals are cooked and that you are practically supported in attending the things that matter to you - such as social events, fitness classes and so forth.

We believe that age and health conditions should not prevent any individual from continuing to enjoy their life and getting the most from it. Our companion housekeepers also provide vital social and companionship benefits, talking and engaging with you so that you are never in a position of feeling isolated or lonely.

Things to do with a companion housekeeper in Virginia Water

Every schedule is determined by the individual and the services that they need. The companion housekeeper role is about more than just taking care of administration, food, cleaning and appointments - the role is there to provide companionship, support for social activities and shared enjoyment that ties in with the individual's interests and which helps them to enjoy a busy, engaging and active life in line with their needs. Ideas include:

  • Take a stroll in the ancient parkland of Windsor Great Park
  • Admire the architecture and take a guided tour of Royal Holloway
  • See the beautiful flowers at Savill Gardens
  • Enjoy shopping on the high street or find speciality ingredients at one of the seasonal farmers and speciality markets
  • Stop for tea and a scone at one of the many cafes, or enjoy a glass of wine at a Grade II listed pub
  • Learn about the history of Windsor Castle and take a guided tour
  • Pick up a treat at the speciality fudge shop
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