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Senior Carers in Leatherhead

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Who are Guardian Carers?

Our business is supporting our clients to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their own home by providing a premium care solution. Our experienced team has many years of industry experience, which allows us to create highly detailed plans tailored carefully to your circumstances. That could be full or part time, ongoing or temporary. We’re directed by your needs, and they will always come first.

Because your requirements are at the forefront of the process, you will always have the final say as to the person we appoint to deliver your care. We interview and vet all our carers to take the pressure off you, but if you would like the option to interview candidates yourself, we can arrange that too.

We’re here to answer any queries you might have and support you through every step. Once a carer has been matched with you, we can arrange contracts, payroll services and other day to day admin. It’s a complete service.

What is expected from a senior carer?

The main aim of a senior carer is to support our elderly clients and help them to live comfortably and safely in their own home. That support can be as much or as little as our clients require. It could be a weekly call, daily, even several times a day or live-in support. No two people are the same, so no two care packages are the same. Whether you need ongoing support, or some temporary respite care, we can find an experienced carer to suit.

Ultimately, our senior carers will help you to maintain your routine at home, for as long as possible, and they’ll help you to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible. That could mean assisting with grocery shopping to ensure that you have enough healthy ingredients, or perhaps joining you on a walk around the park.

Senior Carers in Leatherhead

Benefits of senior carers

A senior carer can offer you a great deal of support, both physically and emotionally and it’s often those that aspects that are overlooked. Carers can help keep your home neat and tidy and by doing laundry or cleaning. They can help you with cooking if you need the assistance, and they can assist you with dressing and grooming if you find you are unable to do it yourself any longer. The goal is to make your life easier, help you to relax, and to maintain your routine in your home for as long as possible. We believe that age is a number, and no-one should be restricted in life just because they reach a certain stage.

Things to do with senior carers in Leatherhead

  • Take a stroll around Leatherhead and stop for a bite to eat at any one of the wide range of restaurants and cafes
  • Visit the Swan Shopping Centre for a spot of retail therapy
  • Learn about the area and its history at Burgh House which is home to a small museum and pretty cafe
  • Enjoy a day out at one of the museums or other points of interest
  • Get some fresh air and have a walk in the many local parks at Pachesham, Norbury or Leatherhead itself
Senior Carers in Leatherhead

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