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5 Qualities to Look For in a Carer

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1) Good Listener

Being a good listener is an essential life skill and also crucially important in caring roles. Caring not only provides practical assistance but also companionship and friendship. Sharing experiences with someone is an important way to keep your mind active and engaged, while forming social bonds for an emotional and mentally healthy life. Communication is vital especially if the client is bed bound or if their mobility is challenged. In these situations carers are a lifeline and function as an extra pair of arms and legs for the client. For many carers like Luke Addison with over 3 years of experience, “learning about their history” was his favourite aspect of his role and also mentions that having “a genuine interest in the people I was caring for” made him good at his job.

2) Qualifications

Neville Cook, with over a decade of experience in the age care industry, stresses the importance of experienced caring professionals. Aurelie Chassac, the Divisional Manager of Guardian Carers, assures that “Our cares are required to be fully qualified in order for families to feel safe and secure when using our services. They will need a DBS check, a First Aid Certificate and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults accreditation.” Guardian Carers also employs carers with particular qualifications in Dementia Care and Moving and Handling to assure that the needs of the clients are met. In partnership with their sister company Little Ones London, Guardian Carers provides courses and training for carers with the passion for care, but lacking formal training, in order to help their workers expand on their knowledge and quality of care.

3) Trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of any social bond with another person. Luke notes that “it takes a lot for an old person to let somebody into their home, to have keys and go through their cupboards to make lunch. If the the client has depression, anxiety or Dementia, it can make them feel extremely anxious.” The client has to be able to know that they are in honest and in safe hands when allowing somebody into their home. Guardian Carers assures that the client is matched with a carer that is responsible, trustworthy and respectful.

4) (Com)Passion

Personal care can be physically demanding which requires a lot of passion and dedication. Luke stresses the important of sufficient life experience and emotional intelligence to deal with sensitive situations. He says, “people still want dignity, especially in later life where greater assistance is required, requiring discretion, compassion and respect. It can be terrifying when you need assistance going to the toilet and may take a lot from somebodies dignity. You want somebody that doesn’t embarrass you and makes you feel comfortable.”

5) Compatibility

It is important that you find the right carer for you that can respond well to your physical, mental and emotional needs. The Managing Director, Renate Winkler mentions that “at Guardian Carers, we always try to find you the most suitable carer.” Clients are assigned to a specialist consultant who will take their time to understand your needs and what matters to you. Clients are also able to interview potential carers with assistance of the consultant to help with this process. The care provided by Guardian Carers is bespoke and tailored to your exact needs and desire to assure that you find a compatible match.

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