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How to hire a live-in carer

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Why do families prefer live in carers?

Live-in Care is when the carer will live with you in your home and provide care whenever you require. This is what makes it the most comprehensive care. Live-in care gives our clients the advantage of full-time care and companionship within their home 24 hours a day. Our live-in carers will work with our clients and their families, to support them in their daily routines. Private live-in care, as any care enables you to stay in your home for as long as possible. As live-in care is the most comprehensive care option, many of our clients build up to it and live in care tends to be the step before going to a care residence. That being said, our live-in carers are able to come with you to a retirement residence if you wish! This is one of the many reasons that families prefer to hire a live-in carer. The rest assured their loved one is being cared for in the place they feel most comfortable - their home. Live-in care also takes the pressure off families to be the sole source of care for their loved one.

You live in care will require their own bedroom within your home and while they are available to assist you 24 hours a day, it is recommended they have at least 2 hours to themselves within this period, perfect for you to take a nap!

If you have more complex care needs, such as Alzheimer’s, familiar surroundings will be of great benefit, so staying in your home for as long as possible is a necessity. Live-in carers are able to provide you or your loved one with specialised care as many private live-in carers have been specially trained and will have a deeper understanding of the issues involved and will support you or your loved one through the condition.

Questions to ask your live-in carer

Bringing someone into your home on a full-time basis is a daunting prospect. Which is why ensuring you are asking the right questions beforehand is essential to making the right decision. While all live-in carers through Guardian Carers are rigorously vetted before you meet them, meeting someone face to face and speaking with them is the best way to see if they are the carer for you which is why we arrange face to face interviews for you - this is also the best time to ask any and all questions you might have for them.

Here are some of the questions we believe are important to ask your potential live-in carer.

What qualities do you bring to the role?

Are they a good listener? Do they have a knack for putting people at ease or making them laugh? Aside from technical knowledge, these softer skills provide the basis for their care work, allowing them to form positive relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

Can you explain how you have dealt with a stressful situation?

While this may be uncomfortable to speak about, ensuring you employ someone who will manage these types of situations effectively is imperative. Often stressful situations require quick thinking and initiative which are also essential qualities in a carer. Being a carer means dealing with stressful situations is a must, but also knowing they can relate to your own stresses and will be a shoulder to lean on.

How do you maintain a client’s dignity when carrying out personal duties?

A significant aspect of hiring a live-in carer is that you are able to stay in your home for as long as possible, living independently. Knowing how a carer will handle duties that are very personal such as assisting with toileting and showering in a manner that is respectful and maintains your dignity is imperative to you feeling independent in your home.

What is the job description for live-in carers and what is the cost associated with live-in carers?

Live-in care is the perfect option for you if do require daily care and assistance but you’re not quite ready to make the move to a care residence. Live-in care also takes the pressure off your loved ones, who while they are happy to help when and where they can, are most likely not equipped with the skills and experience that a live-in carer will offer.

Live-in care provides you with personalised, one on one care that is flexible to your everyday requirements. Live-in care ensures you are able to remain within your home, your community and maintain your schedule for as long as you wish. Living an independent life throughout your golden years.

Live-in carers are able to assist with a wide range of duties but mostly focus on your health and wellbeing. So while they will help with household chores their main duties will include things like medication management, assisting with physiotherapy exercises, taking you to appointments and liaising with doctors, mobility support, grooming and personal care. Live in carers are also a source of emotional support and friendship so no matter what you’re going through, you’ll have someone standing by your side.

By having a live-in carer, you will have one on one care that is completely focused on you and malleable as your needs change.

Your live-in carer can assist you with almost everything such as:

  • making your favourite meals
  • organising and taking you to appointments
  • medication management
  • liaising with your doctors
  • personal care
  • mobility support
  • organising your laundry
  • helping with the hoovering
  • changing bed linen
  • ensuring your home is kept clean and organised

On average live-in carers tend to earn between £100 and £140 gross per day, however depending on your requirements there may be some flexibility with this. Guadian Carers are able to provide a comprehensive payroll service once you have found your perfect live-in carer.

What does a live-in care agency offer?

Live-in care essentially is supportive care provided within you or your loved one's household. Your private domiciliary carer can assist you with almost anything from personal care and wellbeing to managing household chores or both. Having a live-in carer allows you to maintain your independence, freedom, and quality of life.

Hiring a live-in care agency, like Guardian Carers takes the stress and hassle of trying to resource a carer yourself. We will help find you or your loved one a live-in carer who best matches your needs and requirements as well as having similar hobbies and interests in common. Having someone who has similar attributes to you, allows for a stronger connection to be developed.

We will provide you with a list of live-in carers that are best matched to your interests and needs. We can give you interviewing tips and book interviews at times that work for you. Once you have chosen the carer you like the best, we can guide you through the paperwork and provide sample contracts. We can also set you up with our payroll service.

Guardian Carers has been placing carers for 15 years, we will give you access to a range of qualified carers, starting from a minimum of 3 years experience and can offer skilled carers that have medical training.

Would I want to hire directly?

There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring direct. On one hand, it can be seen as more advantageous to employ your own carer as it would provide continuity, increased familiarity with your carer and you can almost count on finding a carer that has the relationship you are looking for. This may sound all well and good until you understand the strict legislation rules that apply to you as an employer, for example, considering the living wage, the issue with a maximum of 48 hours a week your carer may insist he or she can legally only be obliged to do. Also if your relationship with your carer breaks down and you want to terminate their contract, you will need to prove that dismissal is fair. You would also need to ensure you candidates have a DBS check, and personally check their verbal references to ensure they have the experience they say they have, which can be very time-consuming.

Live-in Care near you

Guardian Carers offer flexible live-in care service in locations throughout the UK, including in and around London as well as some other counties within the UK. With our vast range of service locations, we can find you a carer that lives close to you to ensure they should never be late and can be there within a short period of time if needed. This allows you to stay in your home as your carer can be as flexible as you need to work around your schedule and needs. Your safety and security are behind the driving forces of what we do, we have an extensive vetting procedure to ensure your carer is a positive and seamless addition to your home.

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