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The Importance of the Elder Generation

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Our Senior Generation with a wealth of life experience, wisdom and skills acquired from living through various situations that most others cannot even imagine, are often dismissed when they begin to need care and support. We have spoken to several age care professionals to understand why they think the Elder Generation is important.

Luke Addison, who has spent the majority of his professional life as a carer for elderly people and an international peace advocate explains, “It is important to learn from them. Western culture shuns old people because they’re considered a burden, but when you look at places like India, children, grandparents and everyone lives in the same house. The history they have is so important and so is community. I wouldn’t think these people would ever be without their grandparents for a day!”

Renate Winkler, the Managing Director of Guardian Carers shares a similar view, “My great grandma, grandma and mother have been a huge part of my life supporting and inspiring me from birth till now. I realised the need to support them and their generation as they move through the later years of their life, in the same way, they supported me in mine. I truly value the senior generation because these women have shaped my life and had an impact on who I am today"

Maria Milagros has 15 years of caring experience, providing compassionate, dignified and loving support to elderly people expresses the view that, “everyone has the right to live a life worth living. Even at the end of your life nobody can take away your life. I will get old as well so I would like to be treated in the same way.”

Its comforting to know that people in caring professions are able to see the value of our Senior population. With an ample amount of life experience, our elder generation are always happy to offer advice and understand the importance of a sense of humour, making them great companions as well. In the future, it may be important consider how we can bridge the divide between young people and our senior generation, since they still have so much to offer the world. Carers can help our elderly generation get active in their local community, while giving back a voice that may have been lost along the way.

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