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Is it time for care in your own home?

4 signs you or your loved one needs the help at home to stay out of a home.

No adult likes to admit they need help in their daily life. Research shows, employing a carer at home before the need is too great, will help ensure you or your loved one stays at home, rather than being forced into a care home.

Experts confirm the 4 signs you should consider care before your only choice is a care home, and why 300,000 people in the UK employ a carer at home.

1. Forgetfulness

Do you or your loved one find they can't remember why they entered a room, or perhaps when they last ate or took their medication?

Forgetting such vital things could be extremely dangerous to an individuals well being. Such forgetfulness is an early sign that care may be needed. Mrs Cook, MD of Guardian Carers says, "With 30 years of industry experience behind me, I know a good carer is compassionate, highly trained and experienced, with the senior persons best interests at heart."

A care assistant will help to keep a daily routine, ensuring their client undertakes enough exercise, eats healthy meals, takes medication correctly and safely and is stimulated through conversation and activity.

2. Accidents or falls

Has your loved one recently begun to fall or bumped themselves, causing bruising or grazes?

Advancing years provides a challenge to balance and coordination which can be hazardous to our health and well-being. A care assistant in your own home will be close by to quickly aid you if you fall. Will walk with you, supporting you between rooms or for exercise and will undertake activities for you such as making your bed or preparing food to ensure injuries are prevented.

Guardian Carers Care Director Miss Winkler says, "A carer ensures their client is safe at all times. Discretion is foremost, dignity always maintained.

3. Change in physical appearance

Has your loved one lost weight? Is their appearance and hygiene slipping?

Going to the supermarket, bathing and grooming may become more tiresome as one grows older. With assistance from a carer a senior person can maintain a healthy adult life, avoiding the need to enter a care home.

4. Untidy house

An untidy home and garden may not be through lack of interest, rather a sign that everyday chores are taking a lot longer and becoming far more difficult than before. A carer could assist with these duties, ensuring an elderly person doesn’t injure themselves.

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