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Don’t wait for a fall. 5 Signs You Need a Carer so you stay out of a care home.

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1) Forgetfulness

Do you have difficulty remembering names and places? Do you seem to misplace items and feel confused? While memory problems are a common complaint amongst the senior population, carers can help you get organised and remind you about events so you never miss an important occasion again.

2) Accidents

Do you seem to fall over a lot more? Do you find bruises and burns on your body and you’re not quite sure how they got there? This is not all to do with clumsiness, the process of advancing in years naturally provides challenges to our balance and strength. Therefore, it is important to have someone close by to assist you when these accidents happen.

3) Change in Physical Appearance

Have you lost weight? Are you struggling to find the time to maintain your appearance and hygiene? Going to the supermarket, bathing and grooming may become more tiresome as you grow older. With a bit of assistance from a carer you can maintain a healthy adult life, while keeping you looking and feeling fresh and ready for the day.

4) Isolation

Are you spending a lot of time by yourself at home? Do your friends and family live far away? A lack of human contact may have detrimental effects on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is important to stay connected to keep your brain active and stimulated. Carers can provide emotional support and human contact, necessary for your mental and cognitive health.

5) Untidy House

An untidy home and garden may have less to do with laziness, rather than a sign that everyday chores are taking you a lot longer than they did before. Difficulties completing regular tasks as you grow older is a natural process. Carers can help you with these arduous duties to help you enjoy more of that you love.

Guardian Carers values your independence, providing live-in and live-out care specifically tailored to your needs and preferences in your home, your way.

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