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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


16 years

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  • English

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Carer Adan's experience

Adan has 16 years of professional experience. He has impressive references from previous families he worked for.

What personal care experience does Adan have with her clients?

Adan was dedicated to his work which included showering and washing, dressing, changing stoma bags, and incontinence pads/pants. He meticulously checked the stock level of medication and medical supplies on a regular basis, encouraged them to undertake physiotherapy exercises when needed, and proved to be a good companion.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Adan have as a Carer?

He also performed housekeeping duties leaving no corner untouched in his cleaning tasks, did the laundry, and cooked for his clients'

What do Adan's previous clients say?

"Adan was empathetic, patient and demonstrated professionalism when caring for my mother. Moreover, Adan was a good companion, and she very much enjoyed his company. He is also an individual of utmost honesty and integrity."

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