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10 years

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Carer Diana's experience

Diana is a competent carer for 10 years in the care industry mostly working for private clients and with experience in caring for patients with dementia.

What personal care experience does Diana have with her clients?

Diana assisted her clients with bathing, feeding, dental hygiene, reminding them to take medications, helping in using the toilets, going for walks, and providing companionship.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Diana have as a Carer?

Diana's chores included the care of the household, shopping, laundry, and ironing which she performed perfectly to maintain a clean environment for her clients. She made sure the food and drinks she prepares aligned with her client's dietary requirements.

What do Diana's previous clients say?

"Diana has a very pleasant personality with a good sense of humour and has made a very excellent carer and a good companion. She has always carried out all her duties with great competence and impeccable integrity."

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