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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


5 years

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  • English, Spanish, Tagalog

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Carer Emily's experience

Emily is a very sweet and trustworthy carer with more than 5 years of experience working for clients with dementia, Alzheimer's, bed bound and wheelchair-bound clients.

What personal care experience does Emily have with her clients?

Emily assisted her clients with everything from personal care to administering medication and changing catheter bags at night. She would take her clients out to get fresh air in the morning and would provide that companionship.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Emily have as a Carer?

She did housekeeping such as mopping, hoovering, dusting, and making beds. She's also a confident cook wherein she prepare lunch and dinner for her clients.

What do Emily's previous clients say?

"Emily takes good care of her client and finishes her job properly and diligently. She takes a lot of responsibility with the role and is someone who works well under pressure."

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