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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


3 years

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Carer Ethel's experience

Ethel has 3 years of experience working in the care industry. She also worked in both residential settings as well as in nursing homes.

What personal care experience does Ethel have with her clients?

Ethel was a versatile helper, providing comprehensive assistance that ranged from personal care and hygiene to general carer tasks. She also offered companionship and vigilantly maintained a safe environment for her clients.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Ethel have as a Carer?

Ethel contributed to a variety of household tasks, including vacuuming, doing the laundry, shopping for groceries, and refreshing the beds with clean sheets and linens. Additionally, she prepared wholesome meals for her clients.

What do Ethel's previous clients say?

"She is one the best carers we have. Ethel is reliable, she will never say no and does her job to high standards. She is obedient and cooperative. Ethel is the carer most requested by the service users because they are happy with her service. Ethel has an excellent work ethic and time management is above and beyond."

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