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"Carer Marjorie's experience

Marjorie is a responsible carer with 20 years of experience.

What personal care experience does Marjorie have with her clients?

She took care of everything for her patients, including helping with personal care and coordinating with medical staff.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Marjorie have as a Carer?

Marjorie has faith in her ability to keep the house clean. Her favorite cuisine to cook is Indian. With her present cooking standards, she claims that becoming a chef would not be difficult.

What do Marjorie's previous clients say?

"Marjorie undoubtedly has the ability and skills necessary to help to ameliorate the educational and social difficulties which hinder the progress of many vulnerable children. She can make a difference. She is someone who really could be relied on and is passionate about her job. I would describe her as trustworthy, hardworking and assertive. She has a very cheerful disposition and I can only think of positive qualities about her. I would definitely recommend her."

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