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Housekeeper carer, Live out care, Part time care


14 years

  • Identity Verified
  • DBS Checked
  • English, Polish

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Carer Marlena's experience

Marlena is a dedicated and experienced carer with 14 years of proven expertise in the field.

What personal care experience does Marlena have with her clients?

She attended to all needs of her clients, ranging from personal care assistance to coordination with medical professionals.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Marlena have as a Carer?

Sushma takes pride in her housekeeping abilities and has confidence in her culinary skills, particularly in preparing Polish cuisine. She even expresses the belief that she could effortlessly transition into the role of a chef given her current cooking standards.

What do Marlena's previous clients say?

"I would describe Marlena as reliable, and trustworthy, and always comes and helps when we are short of staff. Marlena is bubbly, chatty, and a very good carer."

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