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The necessity of having hobbies in common

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The necessity of having hobbies in common

Assisted living Carers are more than just there to help you round the home and complete your day to day activities, they are there to be a companion. Guardian Carers will take the time to find out what your hobbies and interests are to match you with your perfect carer to ensure you bond over your shared love, whether it is a passion for the theatre or play card games. Having an assisted living carer who has similar attributes to you, allows for a stronger connection to be developed. They will be by your side whenever you're having a bad day.

Guardian Carers is unique in the fact that we advise you to interview all of the potential carers you like from the profiles we send you. You may think your carer is perfect for you given what they seem like on paper, however they may not work for you when you meet them. Which is why we also suggest a trial period, whether it is a day or a week to enable you to feel fully comfortable and happy with your chosen carer and ensure that you get on well with them.. Which is why 90% of the families Guardian Carers work with result in a long lasting placement. We work with your family to find the best care and solutions, whatever your needs.

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