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What does autism care include and is it right for me?

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What does autism care include and is it right for me?

Caring for a family member is completely customizable to your schedule and your needs, whether that be full time, part-time live out or live-in care for a family member. This is why private care for your family members is the most accommodating care option for your family member. The added support around their day to day life will mean they are able to live as independently as possible, with the added support of having someone to help manage social situations they might find stressful, helping to make and maintain relationships and assisting with general issues relating to autism or Asperger syndrome.

Your autism carer can assist with:

  • goal setting
  • general issues relating to autism or Asperger syndrome
  • strategies to keep safe
  • maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • participating in the community, for example, shopping, attending college or university, using health care, leisure facilities and public transport
  • independent living skills and household management skills such as planning and budgeting
  • developing social skills
  • Accompanying you to various outings and social events
  • Booking and taking you to appointments

Emotional support going hand in hand with the physical support

Your autism carer is an excellent source of emotional support. Having someone there to be there for you when you are going through a hard time, or your child is struggling emotionally with. This could be caused by their lack of friendships or potentially they are being bullied at school. Having someone they are able to lean on, talk to about how they’re feeling and work with to overcome these issues is essential to their wellbeing. Having another adult around that understands the stresses and challenges that you are facing in a day to day environment is also going to be of great benefit to your mental wellbeing as well.

Specialised autism care for your child

With a specialist autistic carer at home, the care they receive will be specialised to them and their autism triggers. Your carer will work with you and your child to create trigger management methods, they will get to know your child in-depth and will be able to provide customised care directly to them. Working together, you will be able to create a care plan that works specifically for your child, their ticks and triggers and their day to day life.

Autistic Care near you

Guardian Carers offer flexible care service in locations throughout the UK, including in and around London as well as some other counties within the UK. With our vast range of service locations, we can find you a carer that lives close to you to ensure they should never be late and can be there within a short period of time if needed. Your safety and security are behind the driving forces of what we do, we have an extensive vetting procedure to ensure your carer is a positive and seamless addition to your home.

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