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What is a bariatric carer and is it right for me?

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What is a bariatric carer and is it right for me?

Finding a perfect bariatric carer for your loved one is stressful and time-consuming, using an agency like Guardian Carers we can take that from you and provide you with a bariatric carer at home that suits your requirements. Our experienced consultants will understand what your needs and requirements are and what you are looking for in your ideal carer to help us tailor your search. Whether you are looking for a bariatric carer to help around the home and within your day to day life, or to assist you after bariatric surgery, Guardian Carers works with you and your loved ones to ensure you find your perfect carer.

At Guardian Carers we understand that independence is key to our care recipients maintaining a good quality of life, which is why our in-home service ensures you are able to live as independent as possible in your home, for as long as possible. Dealing with obesity can be extremely overwhelming and unsettling and we believe there is no place like home when recovering or going through life-altering changes. Guardian Carers provide you with carers with medical training and nursing qualifications to ensure you are able to receive the right support whilst remaining in your home.

If you have recently had or considering bariatric surgery, a bariatric carer is an important option to consider to ensure your recovery is seamless and to ensure you receive continuing support with your diet, as well as any other medical conditions you may have as a result of obesity.

As with any major surgery, ensuring you have appropriate and thorough care throughout your recover will ensure no infections develop and reduce the risk of other potential complications such as blood clots in the lungs or legs, and internal bleeding. Your bariatric carer will also be there for you to support you through your diet and lifestyle changes that are necessary to ensure you continue to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Your bariatric carer will provide you with the care and attention you need after your bariatric surgery to ensure you remain healthy and happy, and they can be a great motivating force as you tackle a new regime with exercise and healthy meal planning.

While our carers are able to help with a range of duties, the focus tends to be on your health and wellbeing. So while they will help with household chores their main duties will include things like medication management, assisting with physiotherapy exercises, taking you to appointments and liaising with doctors, mobility support, grooming and personal care, depending on your requirements. Our bariatric carers are also a source of emotional support through the tougher times so no matter what you’re going through, from dealing with an illness or grieving a loved one lost, you’ll have someone standing by your side.

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