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Our private carers are there to simply make your day to day life easier and lift the weight off your shoulders. This will allow the individual living with the condition to continue their life with independence. The carers will always encourage your loved one to eat more healthy meals and maintain an active lifestyle, as well as accompanying you to any activities you may have. By having a private carer for Cerebral Palsy, they will be able to give you the support and assistance you need.

There are a range of duties your private carer can carry out for you, such as:

  • Helping with any personal care and hygiene
  • Preparing any meals and sharing recipes and nutritional information
  • Liaising with doctors and arranging any appointments if needed
  • Running errands, such as grocery shopping or picking up laundry
  • Helping to keep your household clean and tidy
  • Managing any medication and ensuring its taken on time
  • Feeding and walking any pets you may have
  • Preparing hot and cold beverages
  • Organising day trips
  • Accompanying you to various social events
  • Going for walks with you around the neighbourhood or in the park
  • Booking any reservations for restaurants or cafes

As well tasks around the house, or personal hygiene, private home care for the elderly in Leeds can also provide a great deal of emotional support. Even though the ideal scenario is to stay in your home, there may be times when you get the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Whether you want to share stories and experiences over a cup of tea, or simply just want someone in the house with you, a private home carer can offer you companionship. It also allows you to continue your day to day activities and still see your friends or loved ones when you wish. All of our carers are fully experienced and will have a deep understanding of the impacts and struggles you may face, which your loved ones may not fully understand. Your specialised private carer will always be there to lend you a helping hand through your good, and especially bad days.

By having a your perosnal carer, it will give your loved ones the added peace of mind that you are in safe, capable and experienced hands. The extra adult in the home enhances the level of security and gives you more confidence in your day to life. A private home carer will ensure to be there for if you have a fall at any point of the day, and they can also deter any uninvited visitors. At Guardian Carers, our number one priority is ensuring that you feel safe and secure within your own home, this is a core aspect of home care.

Depending on the individual, verbal communication can sometimes be an obstacle when caring for someone with Cerebral Palsy. Therefore, our private home cares will always look towards different methods of communication that will suit the individual’s needs. The private carers for Cerebral Palsy will also make adaptation suggestions and how to improve mobility in the home.

Verbal communication is sometimes an issue when caring for someone with cerebral palsy. So our carers will look towards other methods. We’ll find a communication form that suits the individual. Our cerebral palsy carers will also make adaptation suggestions about how to improve mobility around the home.

When you choose to work with Guardian Cares, we’ll put together a tailored care plan for the individual with Cerebral Palsy that will meet all of their needs. We’ll look at the person’s living arrangements and work closely with any other health professionals, including GPs, physiotherapists, hospital workers and speech therapists. After all, it’s vital that everyone is united in working towards delivering the best possible care.

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