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Managing a condition such as cerebral palsy can be challenging. When you are first diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you may be able to manage your symptoms mostly on your own, you might find that you require someone to lean on if your loved one is having difficulty managing. Having someone who specialises in multiple sclerosis support at home will mean that you have someone with you who has hands on experience and knowledge about ways in which you can continue to live independently, on your own terms. Working with you and your loved ones, your cerebral palsy private carer will assist you in developing ways in which you are able to continue living your life as independently as possible, whilst managing your condition.

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that impacts the muscular control in various parts of the body. This condition can lead to impaired mobility, difficulty with speech and a reduced ability to look after their own individual needs. The good news about cerebral palsy is that it non-progressive, this means the condition will never get worse. However, a young adults grow up and desire an independent life away from their parents, or as an older person living with the condition finds themselves being alone, a specialised private carer in the home can support those with Cerebral Palsy and can provide valuable assistance.

When we hire our experienced Cerebral Palsy carers there are some important qualities we look for in all our carers. We believe some of the many aspects good carer should have is being respectful, patient, reliable and qualified.

Some of the effects of Cerebral Palsy can have a significant impact on the person’s quality of life. They may experience mobility problems, premature ageing, issues with swallowing, and an array of mental health conditions. It is also common for the person to have post -impairment syndrome, which can cause a combination of chronic pain, excessive tiredness, muscular weakness, repetitive strain injuries and bone deformities. These can make a person's independent living very challenging, which is why a private carer may be the best option.

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