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At Guardian Carers, we believe that your private carer should contribute to maintaining your quality of life, as we understand that living with a learning disability can cause a few challenges to arise, making it more difficult for you to carry out typical daily tasks and activities. Having a specialised, disability carer to assist you throughout the day can instantly make a positive change and make your life stress-free and comfortable. This could be in the form of assisting with household tasks, or helping with any personal care, providing companionship, or simply encouraging you to live an active and healthy lifestyle. There are a wide range of tasks that a carer can fulfil, your carer does not have to be limited.

All of our carers are highly qualified and trained to care for individuals with complex care needs, which will allow you to have full confidence in your private carer knowing that you have someone with expert knowledge and skills. Your disability carer will have a much deeper understanding of what you are going through, and more importantly, they will know how to care for you in the correct manner and provide essential support.

Your private, disability carer is available to assist you with an array of dutites, this can include:

Our In Home carers will support you with:

  • Any basic medical support
  • Managing medication, and ensuring you take the relevant medications on time
  • Arranging and taking you to any doctors appointments
  • Personal care, such as bathing and helping to go to the toilet
  • Mobility support and helping to move around the home
  • Cooking any meals and preparing hot or cold beverages
  • Helping to run any errands, for example picking up prescriptions
  • Encouraging you to keep an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Maintaining communication with friends or families
  • Helping to build social skills used to develop friendships
  • Providing companionship

At Guardian Carers, we believe there is no place like home, therefore having a private disability carer will ensure you can remain in the comfort of your own home, without having to go to a retirement residence. When living with a learning disability, it is important to maintain your communication and personal relationship with your loved ones, as well as being surrounded by your precious memories, whilst living as independently as possible. We are able to provide you with private carers who are medically trained and have nursing qualifications to ensure you are able to receive the right support. With Guardian Carers, your specialised care at home we will provide is a completely personalised, one on one care service, in the environment you feel most comfortable, your home.

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