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When we hire our experienced private carers, there are some important qualities we look for in order to fulfil the role to an exceptional standard, especially if they are caring for someone with a learning disability. This is a very important role so it is crucial that we recruit the very best and qualified carers that are suitable for the position. The carer must have experience in order to provide fulfil this role and provide you with additional support if you or a loved one require any needs associated with autism, challenging behaviour, complex health needs or additional disabilities.We strongly believe some of the many aspects a good carer should have is being respectful, patient, reliable and qualified.

All of our specialised carers must be understandable and respectful to you and your needs. You may find yourself not being able to do everything that you used to be capable of doing, and therefore people may start to treat you differently, or at times, can come across as patronising. At Guardian Carers, we ensure that all of our carers will treat you with the respect that you deserve, and also ensure this is maintained throughout your placement.

An exceptional carer is guaranteed to be patient. Particularly if you are suffering from a medical condition, it can be frustrating at times when everyday and easy tasks are taking longer to complete than usual. Therefore it is hugely important that your private carer is patient and calm in any situation that may arise.

At Guardian Carers, we believe that the perfect carer should be reliable. As time goes on, and your age or medical condition can progress, then you may start need to start relying on your carer for more important tasks, such as taking you to your doctor’s appointment, or managing your medication. Your personal, private in-home carer will have to ensure that every duty is completed and they are done in the correct manner, and timely fashion.

Another important quality that carer should have is the ability to be observant. You or your loved one may not notice specific symptoms becoming more and more frequent. However, is it up to your specialised private home carer to notice this such as this, and act accordingly. Along with being observant, it is also important that your carer must be compassionate. If it comes to a time when you or your loved one start to deteriorate, it can be a very emotional and difficult time, but having a carer there to support you and be there to cheer you up on your bad days, is very important.

Our medically specialised private carers are also a source of emotional support and friendship, so no matter what your situation is, or what you and your family are going through, you can have full confidence in knowing that you have someone standing by your side and offering a helping hand.

As you or your loved ones needs can change and evolve over time, the care can also evolve with you. Therefore, while you may have started with someone popping in a few times a week, you may also find that you gradually require more and more help, which could be a sign that you need for a carer who can be with you full time.

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