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What does live in care comprise of?

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What does live in care comprise of?

Live in care is the perfect option for you if do require daily care and assistance but you’re not quite ready to make the move to a care residence. Live in care also takes the pressure off your loved ones, who while they are happy to help when and where they can, are most likely not equipped with the skills and experience that a live-in carer will offer.

One on one care so your focus can be elsewhere

Live in care provides you with personalised, one on one care that is flexible to your everyday requirements. Live in care ensures you can remain within your home, your community and maintain your schedule for as long as you wish. Living an independent life throughout your golden years.

Your live-in carer can assist you with almost everything such as:

  • making your favourite meals
  • organising and taking you to appointments
  • medication management
  • liaising with your doctors
  • personal care
  • mobility support
  • organising your laundry
  • helping with the hoovering
  • changing bed linen
  • ensuring your home is kept clean and organised

Live in care in London frees your focus from being on making it through the day to focusing on things that truly matter to you, this can include spending time with your loved ones, going to local events and enjoying a hobby.

Live in care provides you with the freedom to take your time researching different care residences if that is a move that you are considering. You will have the luxury of finding the perfect place without the pressure of moving when you’re not quite ready. Your live-in carer can even come with you if you so wish!

Peace of mind for your security

Live in care in London also gives your loved one's peace of mind knowing that you are in safe, capable and experienced care. Having someone on hand 24 hours a day to ensure your security, safety and care will allow them to breathe easier. Also having an extra able-bodied adult within the home adds another level of security. Live in care in London assures that there is someone on hand if you should have a fall at any point of the day or night and it also deters any uninvited visitors. Ensuring you feel safe and secure within your own home is a core aspect of live in care.

It is not just physical support, but emotional too

Live in care is an excellent source of emotional support. While staying in your home for as long as possible is the goal, this can come with feelings of loneliness. Private live in care services keep you in your home, in a familiar environment and surrounded by the things you love most but with the added benefit of companionship.

Live in care agencies will make it a core requirement that you have hobbies and interests that align with your live-in carer so that you two get along like a house on fire! You’ll have someone by your side, who really understands you and whatever it is you’re going through.

Expert and specialised live in care

Live in care is a great option for you if you are dealing with some more serious health issues, such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Live in carers are specially trained and have hands on experience in these areas. Live in carers have a deeper understanding of the issues involved in conditions like these and will know how best to respond to any challenging situations that may arise. They are also able to guide you through the changes that happen within yourself, provide you with reassurance and an understanding shoulder to lean on.

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