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Guardian Carers can provide you with highly qualified and professional private carers who are specialised in caring for people with Parkinson’s disease. All of our carers have a minimum of 3 years experience in the care industry. They will be able to assist you with an array of domestic duties and personal care for someone living with Parkinson’s disease. The private carer can also offer emotional support, companionship and encouragement, as well as post-operative care if they have undergone an operation.

Duties can include:

  • Helping with personal care and hygiene
  • Encouraging the person to exercise
  • Assisting with mobility around the home
  • Arranging and taking the person to any doctors appointments
  • Preparing any meals and snacks
  • Managing their medication and ensuring they take it on time
  • Keeping the house clean and tidy
  • Helping with groceries
  • Household work such as ironing, laundry and changing the bed sheets
  • Going for walks with the person in the park or around the neighbourhood
  • Any pet care if it is required

All of our private carers are specially trained to offer the relevant support needed, which can help you or your loved one to become more independent and not having to rely on the help of their family or friends. Many of our carers are experienced in caring for people with medical conditions, so having a more expertly minded carer at hand will provide more ease and confidence knowing they will be able to care for the person in the correct manner. Their physical condition may also improve if they are receiving one-one-one private care in the home. We will always ensure to match you with a private carer who not only has the relevant skill set, but also complements your personality. We understand it is very important for the private carer to fully comprehend the needs and requirements of the client living with arthritis, and to make it their priority to help the person adapt to any physical limitations and discovering ways to relieve symptoms. They will also guarantee to provide you with a positive attitude and give any physical and psychological support.

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