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At Guardian carers, we understand how difficult it can be recovering from surgery, and can often result in a painful and stressful experience. The physical and mental challenges that are faced could be upsetting for both the patient and their loved ones. The rehabilitation that is required after surgery can be also be a daunting and difficult process which needs professional In Home care. If you are currently recovering from surgery, In Home help would be the best choice for you, specifically if you are in pain, or your family may be unable to regularly care for you. With our 14 years of care service experience, we would strongly advise people to find out more about post-operative care, particularly for seniors, as it always comforting to have someone on hand if anything goes wrong. We would also highly recommend that you plan your post-operative care in advance, so the In Home carer is ready and waiting to assist you as soon as you are discharged from hospital.

At Guardian Carers, we have an extensive list of In Home carers who are fully trained and qualified with a great deal of previous experience in the industry. It is understandable to want a carer with some medical knowledge in order to assist even further with your recovery process. We go above and beyond to find the most qualified carers suited for yu, which is why many of them will have a nursing qualification. So not only will you have a personal carer to look after your needs, you will also have someone with a medical background to make you feel more comfortable and confident with your rehabilitation.

Our In Home carers could assist you by:

  • Making sure all your medications are taken on time, and reordering if necessary
  • Preparing any meals or beverages throughout the day
  • Possibly working with any medical equipment
  • Keeping your household clean and tidy
  • Taking you for walks around the neighbourhood
  • Helping you with personal care and hygiene, for example dressing or bathing

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