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What does a travelling carer involve and is it right for me?

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What does a travelling carer involve and is it right for me?

A travelling carer is there to take care of all your loved ones care requirements while you spend quality time together on holiday. Whether that be fun in the sun somewhere or spending time in the country together. A travelling carer is a perfect option for you if you are wanting to take a break from your regular day to day life, getaway and spend some quality time together with your loved one. You will be able to make beloved memories with the added help of a travelling carer to ensure you are able to get the break you need.

A travelling carer is able to assist you with:

  • Organising travel
  • Helping with feeding
  • Assisting with personal
  • Mobility support
  • Organising activities
  • Playing games
  • Liaising with doctors
  • Medication management
  • Helping with physiotherapy exercises

Expert and specialised care, personalised to your loved one

A travelling carer at home is a great option if your loved one is dealing with more serious health issues. Travelling carers are specially trained and have hands-on experience in these areas and are here to ensure you are able to take a break as well. Travelling carers have a deeper understanding of the issues involved in conditions like these and will know how best to respond to any challenging situations that may arise. Having a loved one who requires care, doesn’t mean you have to choose between having a holiday and spending time with your loved one. A travelling carer means you can spend quality time together somewhere new, while they continue to have the specialised care they require.

Extra support so you can have a holiday too

By choosing to have a travelling carer, you are able to spend quality time with your loved one while also being able to rest and recharge. Everyone needs a holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your loved one behind. A travelling carer means you are able to go away and relax while spending quality time with your loved one. A travelling carer is there to ensure your loved one continues to receive the care they require while getting away, breaking out of routine and also relaxing. A holiday can do wonders to your health and the health of your loved one and it is important to break out of the rut that can form when you have a routine. A travelling carer is an extra pair of hands to support you and your loved one so you are able to have a holiday too while you are on holiday with your loved one.

Your travelling carer will work with you to organise travel, liaise with doctors beforehand to ensure they understand completely the care needs required, assist with organising activities appropriate for your loved one once you are away, keeping them calm in unfamiliar surroundings, assisting with personal care and grooming, medication management, playing card games and board games, helping with meal times and assisting with the evening routine.

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