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Why 24-hour care is the best option for me

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Why 24-hour care is the best option for me

24-hour care is when the carer will live with you in your home and provide care whenever you require. This is what makes it the most comprehensive care. 24-hour care gives our clients the advantage of full-time care and companionship within their home 24 hours a day. Our 24-hour carers will work with our clients, and if necessary their families, to support them in their daily routines. 24-hour care, as any care enables you to stay in your home for as long as possible. As 24-hour care is the most comprehensive care option, many of our clients build up to it and live in care tends to be the step before going to a care residence. That being said, our live in carers are able to come with you to a retirement residence if you wish!

Our 24-hour carers for elderly parents are the very best at what they do. They are friendly, enthusiastic and highly trained to help our clients continue to live independently in the comfort and security of their own home. Dealing with an illness or change in lifestyle can be very challenging, and we truly believe there is no place like home when recovering or going through changes life throws at us.

24-hour carers for aged people are able to assist with a wide range of duties but mostly focus on your health and wellbeing. So while they will help with household chores their main duties will include things like medication management, assisting with physiotherapy exercises, taking you to appointments and liaising with doctors, mobility support, grooming and personal care. 24-hour carers for elderly parents are also a source of emotional support and friendship so no matter what you are going through, you will have someone standing by your side.

By having a live in carer, you will have one on one care that is completely focused on you and malleable as your needs change.

Your 24-hour carer will require their own bedroom within your home and while they are available to assist you 24 hours a day, it is recommended they have at least 2 hours to themselves within this period, perfect for you to take a nap!

If you have more complex care needs, such as Alzheimer’s, familiar surroundings will be of great benefit, so staying in your home for as long as possible is a necessity. 24-hour carer for your family member is able to provide your loved one with specialised care as many private 24-hour carers have been specially trained and will have a deeper understanding of the issues involved and will support you or your loved one through the condition.

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