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24 hour care at home

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If you are finding it increasingly difficult to live independently at home as you grow older, you may like to explore the benefits of 24 hour care at home.

Rather than thinking you may have to go into a care home, why not choose live in care?

With 24 hour care in your own home you have the security of knowing there is always someone around to help and you can stay in the home you love rather than having to move away from friends, neighbours and family into an institution where there are lots of other people all needing attention from the care staff.

24 hour care at home

We will consult with you and your family members if appropriate, to find out what your care needs are and exactly what you are searching for in a carer. You will then be given the profiles of potentially suitable highly trained carers and interviews can be arranged so that the best live in carer can be found.

Live in care means that a carer would move into your home with you and provide all the care and support that you need. This can range from help with domestic tasks such as shopping, cleaning and cooking for you right up to providing personal care and help with daily activities such as bathing, getting dressed and moving around your home.

24 hour care at home can also include caring for your pets, gardening and a wide range of jobs around the house. The carer will carry out whatever tasks are needed, depending on your individual preferences. They will also support you to remain as independent as possible and to enjoy social activities with friends and family members.

Your family will also be pleased to know that there is someone there for you, ensuring that you receive regular nutritious meals, all your washing and ironing is done and you don’t have to worry about the day to day tasks that may have become difficult for you. A live in carer will also keep them up to date with how you are getting on if you would like them to.

24 hour care at home

Whether you are living with a condition such as arthritis, stroke or dementia or you simply need someone around to ensure that you stay safe, live in care can be the ideal answer. You can continue to make all the important decisions about your life and will not have to compromise in order to “fit in” with other people as you might if you went into a care home.

If you have a hobby you enjoy, your live in carer will be able to support you to continue this, taking you out and about when you want a trip, to attend a local group or perhaps visit friends.

Possibly most importantly, 24 hour care at home can provide the companionship that many people who live alone lack. Having someone to chat to or play a game with can make all the difference to your general well being and quality of life.

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