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The demand for professional care for the elderly and particularly for those living with dementia is at an all-time high. Any reputable firm which provides care will ensure that its staff are qualified and trained to the highest standards. It is always difficult to make the decision that the family can no longer cope with caring for a relative, but residential care is not the only solution. Some specialist agencies now deal solely with caring for relatives in their own homes. The various options include:

Care companies in London – Find local carers in London

Elderly Care

There is no reason that elderly care cannot be an option when the care recipient is still living with a spouse or another relative. There is no one model that fits all when it comes to caring. Experienced specialists such as Guardian Carers will assess requirements on an individual basis. This may be purely personal care, or it may include helping with laundry, ironing and making the beds. Meals can be prepared, and social outings can be arranged with a carer to accompany you. It may be that you need assistance with dealing with correspondence and bills.

Live-in Care

This option can include all of the facets of elderly care with the advantage of more time available. Obviously, with live-in care there is the reassurance of a responsible adult being available should there be a crisis at night time. Even if your spouse is still living with you, the issue of needing help and reassurance in the night time is much better dealt with by a professional carer. Having someone to help you get ready for bed and get ready in the morning is a significant advantage of a live-in carer. If you have pets, it is reassuring to know that your carer will be able to help you keep your trusted friend for longer, particularly if your spouse is not able to walk the dog for you, or indeed if you live on your own.

Care companies in London – Find local carers in London

Housekeeper Carer Cook

It may be that you are living on your own and are quite happy with and capable of managing your personal care, such as washing, dressing and personal care. Your energy levels may be such that what you need is someone to manage the household tasks, which can be quite physically demanding. A housekeeper carer cook will be able to help you to plan healthy meals and even do the shopping for you. It is up to you if you want to be part of the shopping trips. Your carer can also help you to keep up with social engagements with family and friends, and even take you to general interest adult education classes. This role will routinely involve some level of cleaning and tidying of the home.

Companion Housekeeper

This role is similar to that of a housekeeper cook, with the emphasis on sharing tasks and outings, perhaps doing some gardening together and going on shopping trips.

All of these services can be competently provided for by a specialist such as Guardian Carers. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be dealt with at all times as a unique individual.

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