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Update on COVID-19 & Vaccination of carers

How we are helping our carers get vaccinated

At Guardian Carers, your safety is our top priority. At this time, we are providing our carers with documentation to enable them to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Many of our carers have already received their COVID-19 vaccine.

We continue to closely monitor the situation. We advise our clients to take all necessary safety precautions such as limiting contact with people outside the home, keeping a safe distance from others and maintaining hand hygiene. We endeavour to only place carers who have tested negative for COVID-19 and advise our clients to do the same.

Carer shortage and the impact of Brexit on home care

We are predicting a shortage of carers, as the Brexit situation unfolds. Moreover, as carers are getting vaccinated, they are likely to demand higher levels of pay, so we advise you to plan ahead for your care.

“ At Guardian Carers, your safety and security continue to be our top priority. We are dedicated to protecting the health of our carers, our clients, our colleagues and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
- Vanessa Cook, CEO

What precautions our carers are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Our carers always wear masks in public places
  • Our carers get tested for COVID-19 before beginning a care placement
  • Our carers strictly avoid unnecessary travel to prevent endangering our clients
  • Our carers maintain social distancing
  • Our carers wash hands regularly with soap and water
  • Our carers arrange to have your groceries delivered to your home
  • Our carers support you in maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Our carers enable our clients to maintain an active lifestyle and take up daily exercise
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