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Helping the elderly – What to consider when helping elderly people

In-home care provides companionship, cleaning, cooking and 24hr care, helping the elderly in their own homes, tailored to their specific needs.

Life isn’t always plain sailing and when the time comes to decide how best to support yourself, or a loved one, who may be living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are a number of options to consider. More ‘traditional’ options include you, the care recipient, living in a care or nursing home. The key difference between these being that a nursing home provides care with nursing staff. Alternatively, a relatively new form of care for helping the elderly is live in care, which provides a 24/7, around the clock support allowing you to remain in your own home and comfort zone, in your own secure environment.

In-home care

Tailored to your specific individual needs, Guardian Carers understands that your needs are unique and different to everyone else’s. From preparing meals to helping around the home, with a personal service we are able to help you find a carer that best suits your needs for you and your family.

Our priority is helping you in your own environment, enabling independence and quality of life. In-home care allows you to feel confident and comfortable in your own home, going about your everyday life in your familiar environment. We pride ourselves in being able to support you with all the essential tasks of your everyday life. We listen carefully to you from the very first call, following up with consultations and interviews with potential carer matches to ensure we match you with an ideal carer.

The types of tasks that you may wish to have help with may include sorting your laundry and ironing, preparing and cooking meals, household cleaning, for example, the kitchen and bathroom, and general cleaning and tidying around the home. Your carer is able to run errands for you and help you out with home administration tasks such as paying bills. We try to match you with a carer that shares similar interests so that you are able to continue with a hobby you love or with organising an activity with friends, or attending a social event. All our carers are highly trained and compassionate individuals, dedicated to helping the elderly.

In-home care

If you are living with dementia or living with Alzheimer’s life can become restricted and your world can shrink very quickly. If you aren’t able to get around as easily as you used to, or are beginning to find simpler tasks more difficult, actually getting out of the house itself can become an intimidating part of your day. With a live in carer, you are able to have someone help you with these tasks and provide much needed companionship within your own home. This can make a world of difference to your quality of life and open endless possibilities back up to you.

Making these decisions is difficult. If live in care is an option that appeals to you, Guardian Carers may well be the ideal solution for you and your family, with our focus being to help our clients in their everyday lives.

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