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Why caring at home is better than an assisted living facility

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Can you receive the care you need at home or would it be wiser to move into an assisted living facility?

Many of us are asking ourselves whether caring at home is better than an assisted living facility. The answer more often than not is that caring at home is better than an assisted living facility.

In this article, we will go through what these two types of senior care entail, explaining the differences between these two services. You will learn why caring at home is generally perceived as being better than an assisted living facility.

Why caring at home is better

What is assisted living?

First of all, what is assisted living? Assisted living facilities are meant for people who require very little senior care on a daily basis. Assisted living facilities generally provide people with support with various tasks such as organising medication, cleaning and shopping or more advanced care such as personal care and medical needs.

Assisted living facilities differ in terms of what they offer. They usually provide nurses and care staff on-site to assist individuals with different needs at any given time. What is on offer can vary between different assisted living facilities.

Generally, assisted living facilities will have 24-hour on-call assistance and fitted alarms in each property. This can offer peace of mind for those who are infirm or have mobility issues. In assisted living facilities care can be provided regularly or one-off, as much or as little as each individual needs.

In these facilities, you can usually find equipment which is aimed at making life easier. For example, you can often find electric recliner chairs or riser recliner chairs. These can help you get in and out of your chair and are helpful for those with back problems.

However, one of the main drawbacks of moving into an assisted living facility is that individuals often lose their sense of independence and their confidence level drops. More than this, the move to such a place can often be very distressing and difficult, as they are leaving the home they love and cherish. Choosing an assisted living facility can often place a big financial burden on the family, as the costs are quite high.

What is home care?

Home care entails having a trained professional deliver care to an individual’s home. Home care provides a helping hand around the home and with their daily life so that they can live life as independently as possible and remain in their home for as long as they can.

One of the biggest benefits of home care is that it is entirely customisable to the individual’s needs, requirements, schedule or interests. This option is available as a live-in or live-out option, part-time or full-time for a permanent or temporary period. More than this, as the individual’s needs advance over time, their home care will be adjusted to suit their needs.

Another reason why so many people choose home care as opposed to assisted living is that they can continue to live life on their own terms. Their life does not need to be placed on hold simply because they require additional support. They can continue to be as social as they like, seeing their family and friends outside or in the home they love.

With home care, an individual benefits from receiving one on one care. The focus is directed only on them and their needs. Their home carer will keep a close eye on them, they will monitor their health and feedback to the family if needed as well as support the care receiver in any activities they enjoy doing. Having home care generally improves an individual’s overall quality of life and wellbeing, promoting good nutrition and engaging them in physical activities.

Home care also provides the highest level of safety and security, as their home carer will be supervising them and therefore be able to prevent any unwanted accidents from happening. They can also keep a close eye on doors and windows, ensuring that the home is secure at all times.

Why is caring at home better than an assisted living facility?

Caring at home is the most popular option among seniors nowadays. The key advantage they take into consideration when deciding for home care is the fact that they can maintain their independence and will not be constrained by moving into a facility. This is understandable, as all of us will want to be as independent as we can be for as long as we possibly can.

Home care provides a personalised one on one service in the environment that you feel most comfortable - your home. Moulding and evolving to your needs, a home carer ensures that these needs are met and you remain independent within your community, close to dear friends, family and neighbours.

Home care is an excellent option whether you need a minimal amount of help or if you are dealing with more serious health issues such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Home carers are specially trained in any illness or condition, they have hands-on experience in many areas and have a deeper understanding of how you can manage any condition or illness you may be battling.

Taking the first step and knowing where to start in your home care journey can feel like a daunting experience, which is why choosing a care agency which specialises in senior home care will ensure your search goes smoothly and stress-free. With a care agency such as Guardian Carers, you will have access to expert and experienced advice. We will take the hassle out of finding a home carer out of your hands and make the whole process a breeze!

Our years of experience in the care industry means that we know exactly what makes a phenomenal carer, which is why all the home carers we work with are the best of the best at what they do. If you want us to help you in your home care journey or you have a family member who you think would benefit from home care, speak to our experts for a no-obligation enquiry on 0207 183 1395.

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