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What is a live-in companion housekeeper? 10 top facts

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A live-in companion housekeeper is an essential asset to any home where an individual requires someone to be with them during the day or night. They are there to assist with everyday tasks, to provide care and companionship.

Live-in companion-housekeepers from Guardian Carers can make everyday life easier and stress-free by removing the burden of mundane tasks from the individual and being there to offer emotional support and companionship.

Here at Guardian Carers, we provide experienced and trustworthy live-in companion housekeepers to the ones who find that they need additional support with their daily living tasks, as well as someone to keep the loneliness at bay.

Live-in companion-housekeepers are a great option if you find that you need someone around at all times. For instance, if you need help getting around the home or it’s simply not safe for you to be on your own, a live-in companion housekeeper will ensure that you are safe and comfortable at all times.

To give you a good understanding of what is a live-in companion housekeeper and how they can support you at home, we have made a list of 10 top facts about live-in companion housekeepers and what they do.

What is a live-in companion housekeeper

1. Companionship. The main role of a live-in companion housekeeper is defined in the name of their position - they offer you companionship. They are your companion in everything you do. Choosing a live-in companion housekeeper is ideal if you live far away from your family and you simply need someone to speak to. A live-in companion housekeeper will be someone who will share the same interests and hobbies with you - a person who is genuinely interested in you.

2. Emotional support. A live-in companion housekeeper will be there to offer you a shoulder to lean on when times are tough. They are a great conversation partner whom you can confide in and rely on to give you advice. No matter what you are going through, a live-in companion housekeeper will be there for you. By having a live-in companion housekeeper the chances are your mental and general wellbeing will improve.

3. Friendship. Live-in companion housekeepers do more than what their job stipulates. They will become a close friend to you. Many people who hire live-in companion housekeepers end up with a friend for life.

4. Social life. Having a live-in companion housekeeper will enable you to be more active socially. A live-in companion housekeeper will take a genuine interest in what you like and enjoy doing. They will accompany you to various outings and activities such as going out on walks in the park, going out for afternoon tea, visiting museums, going to see movies or plays and anything else that you are interested in. They can even plan day trips or holidays and join you, your friends and family when going on these trips.

5. Care support. If you have any care needs, a live-in companion housekeeper will be able to support you with this as well. They can help with various personal care needs, assist you with your morning and nighttime routines, manage your medication, liaise with your doctors and schedule appointments for you, among many other things.

6. Household support. A live-in companion housekeeper will help you tend to any household chores you may have. They will keep your home tidy and organised, removing the stress of having to take care of these tasks yourself. Among their household duties, we can count changing the bed linen, doing the laundry, organising your wardrobes, doing the mopping, hoovering and dusting and preparing meals.

7. Professionalism. Live-in companion housekeepers are trained professionals who will carry out their duties with utmost respect and integrity to your needs and requirements. Our live-in companion housekeepers have a minimum of 2 years of professional care experience, they are thoroughly vetted by our specialists who check their skills and qualifications as well as verify their references verbally. More than this, their background is inspected through an enhanced DBS check, also known as a Police check.

8. Wellbeing. One of the main duties of a live-in companion housekeeper is to look after your wellbeing, ensuring that you live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. This can mean anything from keeping you active and engaged in activities that you like, ensure that you do regular exercise and that you maintain good nutrition.

9. Safety and security. Another key fact about live-in companion housekeepers is that they will ensure you are safe and secure at all times. What this means is that they can help you get around the house in case you have mobility issues and they will keep a close eye on your health. More than this, the fact that they are there all the time will prevent you from having an unwanted accident or injury. In case of emergency, they will be the first ones to call the emergency services.

10. Quality of life. By having a live-in companion housekeeper in your home your quality of life will improve. Remaining in the comfort of your home for as long as possible with a live-in companion housekeeper has been proven to improve people’s quality of life. With a live-in companion housekeeper, the focus is always on you, as opposed to moving into a care home, for instance, where you would not enjoy the same quality of life and independence.

Here at Guardian Carers, we specialise in empowering independence at home and we truly love improving our clients’ quality of life. Providing safety and companionship are the driving forces behind what we do. We have developed detailed vetting procedures which have been perfected during our years in the domestic staffing industry.

We are experts at ensuring that every live-in companion housekeeper is a positive and seamless addition to your home. If you think the time has come for you to hire a live-in companion housekeeper or you would like to adapt your current care and housekeeping plan, then we are here to help you. For a no-obligation enquiry, you can speak to a specialist consultant on 0207 183 1395.

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