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Dignity in care

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As the advance in age, many elderly people need to make the difficult decision of whether they will keep living at home and enlist the services of a private carer or move into a care home. This decision, no matter the seriousness of the situation, must be made with the utmost sympathy and sensitivity. The person that makes the decision to go into care can be either the person needing care, their family or a healthcare professional.

Making the decision to get home care or move into a care home is a very sensitive matter and it should be made with consideration of the elderly person’s preferences and values. For elderly people it’s often very tough coming to terms with the idea that they need help with living their life. No adult likes to admit that they need help or care in their life. Elderly people like to maintain their independence and dignity, so one must be very careful when making care decisions. But research actually shows that hiring a carer at home, before the need is too great, is better than waiting until the situation worsens. Making the decision to get care will ensure that the elderly person will stay at home for longer and will not be forced into a care home later on.

When making the decision to request care it is good to conduct a very thorough research. There are a number of options available. This variety in care services for the elderly makes the decision a lot easier for the elderly person or for their family. There are a number of services available to suit different needs and it allows for the whole process to be carried out with dignity and sensitivity. An elderly person can decide on getting care at home or moving into a care home. But for the majority of elderly people it is always a question on keeping their independence and staying within the familiarity and comfort of their own home.

It is often the most recommended and also sought-after decision, that elderly people stay in their home and have a carer visit and help them with whatever they may need. Elders or their family often decide to first choose at home care. There are a number of factors which come into play here:

  • The personal home will hold lovely memories and having to move out will most likely cause emotional stress
  • The elderly person will feel more independent in their own home because it’s the most familiar place to them
  • Staying at home will provide more independence for the person
  • The elderly person will be able to remain within their own social circle
  • Leaving home to move into a care home will be a very stressful and emotional time

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