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What are the options for the elderly living alone at home?

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When is the right time to begin to consider if living alone at home is the right situation for you?

Clearly, there are numerous implications in either being elderly and at home alone or in finding a new situation that suits your needs. Not everyone is keen to move into a nursing or care home - but there are other alternatives. You may fear the cost of relocating to a nursing or care home or indeed the quality of your care. Equally, you may fear being vulnerable in your own home, having a fall, or not getting the support you need.

Elderly living alone at home

You may or may not have considered that if you are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or you are elderly and in need of a little more support, there is an option to remain in your own home. You needn’t be lonely and there is help available to you.

If you wish to continue to live in your own home, you need to consider what tasks you need help with and how you would like to be helped.

Specialists such as Guardian Carers are able to match you with a carer who visits you in your home and helps you with your everyday tasks, chores, cooking and cleaning, even accompanying you to events and functions should you so request it.

Without help and living alone in your own home, you may experience a loss of independence and loneliness. Your friendship and social circle can diminish over time and, as a result, you might not get out and about as frequently as you once did. You might experience difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks, such as cooking and meal preparation or washing and looking after your personal hygiene. And yet the advantage of being elderly living alone at home is remaining in your own familiar environment with or near family and friends. You can remain part of a community you already know and are familiar with.

Elderly living alone at home

You may wish to consider having a live in carer stay with you, providing 24/7 care and support, or you may prefer to be able to select the times and days you need help on and have the carer visit you at these specific times. They are able to accompany you to appointments, events or functions if you require it, or help you with your hobbies that you may have enjoyed for so many years. You can continue to visit friends, have a social life and see your family and grandchildren without putting the strain on them to take responsibility for your care.

Being elderly living alone at home doesn't mean you should be lonely or at risk. You can remain in your own home and retain your own life, independence and freedom as you always have done, it is just about finding the right care!

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