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Housekeeper carer, Housekeeper Companion, Part time care


3 years

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  • English, Tagalog

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Carer Sherwen’s experience

Sherwen helped a family assist their elderly father with everything. The family had such a nice time working with Sherwen because, according to the client, he is really good with his work.

What personal care experience does Sherwen have with her clients?

Sherwen provided care duties such as taking the elderly to watch sports like football, cricket and boxing which the client was pleased about. The client never complained and he never had any problem with Sherwen.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Sherwen have as a Carer?

He is also cooperative, prompting and really great as he would cook food from all over the world. He also assisted with laundry, ironing and other domestic duties.

What do Sherwen’s previous clients say?

“Sherwen is a very friendly and understanding carer, he is punctual and very trustworthy with everything. I would recommend him for any care jobs, I would even like him to look after myself in the future”

Why does Sherwen love being a carer?

“Seeing another person happy makes me happy as if I’m really doing something right.”

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