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Frankie Jay

6 years

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  • English, Tagalog

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Carer Frankie Jay’s experience

For 6 years, Frankie Jay worked as an elderly carer and provided professional and exceptional services.

What personal care experience does Frankie Jay have with her clients?

Frankie Jay perfectly suited with the family and he took care of the client helping her with her daily activities such as assisting with her medicine, taking her outside for fresh air and constantly communicating with her, always keeping the family informed about relevant issues.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Frankie Jay have as a Carer?

He maintained a clean and healthy environment for the family, prepared simple meals that the client always enjoys.

What do Frankie Jay’s previous clients say?

“Frankie Jay is totally reliable and he has been invaluable as the carer of my mother. His behaviour towards her was always polite, respectful and full of empathy. I will not hesitate to employ him again.”

Why does Frankie Jay love being a carer?

“I love being a carer ‘cause I love being a part of my client’s family. Helping them with their daily tasks is a very good way to spend my time with.”

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