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18 years

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Carer Halina’s experience

Halina was a professional carer and she provided excellent service for 18 years. She had experience with a severely disabled client and the family found her really fantastic.

What personal care experience does Halina have with her clients?

Halina would feed her client personally, take care of her personal and daily activities and make sure she was comfortable. Halina handled her client in the most loving way.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Halina have as a Carer?

Aside from personal care, Halina also assisted with housekeeping duties and cooked healthy meals for the family which they love.

What do Halina previous clients say?

“It was a rollercoaster with [the client’s] health but Halina knew how to handle it. She is loyal, friendly and trustworthy. I consider her part of the family as she has been amazing with my family.”

Why does Halina love being a carer?

“I love being a carer because the job gives me happiness seeing my client happy and satisfied with my service.”

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