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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


20 years

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  • DBS Checked
  • English, Tagalog

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Carer Doris' experience

Doris has worked as a carer for 20 years. She worked with private clients and was also a team leader at a care home.

What personal care experience does Doris have with her clients?

Doris' duties includes giving medication, personal care, checking vital signs, suctioning saliva & mucus , PEG tubing (set up feeding and connecting feed ), change pads, oral care, giving oxygen when needed, putting NIV every night, giving nebuliser and cleaning after use, hoisting, and reporting medical conditions.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Doris have as a Carer?

Doris maintained a clean and tidy environment for her clients and is happy to cook for them as well.

What do Doris's previous clients say?

"She is very confident, she knows what she is doing because of her long experience. She is hard working, friendly and caring. She picked up things very quickly."

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