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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


20 years

  • Identity Verified
  • First Aid Certified
  • English

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Carer Glenn's experience

Glenn stands out as a carer, boasting two decades of professional expertise. He is certified in First Aid and has established a history of long-term engagements with families throughout the UK.

What personal care experience does Glenn have with his clients?

Glenn helped his clients in administering medication, assisting with the toilet, washing and applying moisturisers, bathing and showering, dressing, enabling mobility, helping them get up in the morning and in going to bed at night.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Glenn have as a Carer?

Glenn cooked a wide variety of meals appreciated not only by his clients but by visiting family & friends. He also kept his client's surroundings clean and organised as well.

What do Glenn's previous clients say?

"Glenn has a nice personality and he and my 94-year-old father got on well despite differences in background. Glenn was diligent and was well liked by Dad’s family."

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