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20 years

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Carer Lulu's experience

Lulu is a highly dependable carer with 20 years of experience in the care industry mostly working for private clients.

What personal care experience does Lulu have with her clients?

She helped with bathing, feeding, shopping and taking the clients out on walks. She worked beyond the clock and was always gentle in helping her clients with all aspects of personal care.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Lulu have as a Carer?

She was particularly neat and tidy and loved to keep everything in order. She takes charge of the household chores such as vacuuming and polishing surfaces. She also did the ironing, laundry and cleaning of the toilet.

What do Lulu's previous clients say?

"She is an exceptional and dedicated woman! Lulu is also friendly, polite, caring, compassionate, emphatic, and flexible."

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