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Elderly Care, Housekeeper carer


6 years

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  • English

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Carer Rachel's experience

Rachel is a skilled carer with 6 years of experience. She gave excellent care and support to individuals who were in their senior years. Rachel was able to provide references from former clients that she had served in the past.

She speaks Fijian and English.

What personal care experience does Rachel have with her clients?

Rachel assisted her clients with every facet of personal care as a full time carer. She was primarily responsible for helping her clients with mobility, oral and hygiene care, grooming, and bathing.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Rachel have as a Carer?

Rachel assisted with serving meals and snacks, and general housekeeping such as cleaning tables, cleaning all the glass and doors, cleaning the kitchen, and also cleaning the toilets.

What do Rachel's previous clients say?

"I would describe her as extremely hardworking - someone who would do anything for anyone. She has a bit of a quiet personality but holds a good sense of humour."

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