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Housekeeper carer, Live in care, Live out care


7 years

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  • English, Tagalog

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Carer Roann's experience

Roann is an all-around carer with 7 years of experience. She is also a Tagalog speaker.

What personal care experience does Roann have with her clients?

She took care of her clients in every way, from coordinating with medical specialists to helping with personal care.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Roann have as a Carer?

Roann is confident about her housekeeping skills. She made sure that the house was left spotless. She is also a very good cook and prepares delicious meals for her clients.

What do Roann's previous clients say?

"She proved to be a reliable and trustworthy worker and in no time was there any reason to question her honesty and integrity."

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