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10 years

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Carer Yumery's experience

Yumery is an all around carer with 10 years of experience.

What personal care experience does Yumery have with her clients?

Yumery took on the responsibility of aiding clients with bathing and personal grooming, administering medication, and providing assistance with mobility.

What housekeeping and cooking experience does Yumery have as a Carer?

Yumery also assisted with household chores and attended to daily errands for the client, maintaining a clean and orderly home. Her responsibilities included laundry, ironing, vacuuming, and other essential household tasks, ensuring a tidy and comfortable living space.

What do Yumery's previous clients say?

"Yumery has a very kind and patient nature and was dedicated to caring for her elderly relatives. She enjoyed being able to enrich their lives by ensuring they were comfortable, looked after and by spending time with them on a daily basis, gave them company that they may not had as frequently."

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