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What is Dementia Care at home?

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What is Dementia Care at home?

Dementia is a disorder that affects the brain function, these conditions are progressive and eventually becomes severe, symptoms include memory loss, personality changes and impaired cognitive function. In the UK there are over 850,000 people battling with dementia and it is estimated to rise to 2 million by 2050. The need for specialized care for this illness in increasing at a rapid rate. Guardian Carers can provide your loved one with the medical care they need to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long a possible. Dementia causes memory loss, in the early stages of dementia it is important for your loved one to stay in familiar surroundings, around the people they love and the memories they have created.

At Guardian carers we have many different types of dementia care at home available, for example your care can be Full Time or Part Time and either Live In or Live Out. As dementia is a progressive illness we understand that your needs and requirements may change for example you may start off with needing a part time carer that comes for a few hours a day, to then over time need a Full Time Live In carer that can provide round the clock, 24 hour care every day.

Although usually are Part Time carers may not be medically trained, with dementia carers for the elderly to ensure you keep the same carer you have grown to love, all our carers will have the necessary medical training and availability to attend to your evolving needs and requirements.

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