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What we look for in our Dementia carers

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What we look for in our Dementia carers

Guardian Carers has been in the care industry for over a decade, we understand what type of attributes a carer should have. Over our years of experience we believe that an excellent dementia carer needs to be patient, observant, reliable and compassionate.

Being patient is a vital aspect of being a Dementia carer, living with a debilitating illness like dementia can be very frightening and frustrating. Remaining calm and collective, no matter how stressful the task at hand is, is so important as an angry carer can upset the care recipient.

A carer should be reliable, as your age or condition progresses you may need to start relying on your carer for more important aspects such as taking you to doctor’s appointments or medication dispensing. Your carer must ensure every duty is completed and they are done properly and on time.

Other key attribute to be a good carer is being observant. You or your loved one may not notice the smaller symptoms that suggests your dementia could be worsening, however it is up to your carer to notice these things and act accordingly. With you or your loved one starting to deteriorate, it can be a very emotional and scary time, having a carer there to support you and be there to pick you up on your bad days is very important.

Above all, it is an absolute must that a carer is compassionate. Showing concern for people around them and being sympathetic towards their needs helps them to provide the best care, making you comfortable in your own home. In addition, being empathetic helps a carer to better understand your needs in being able to understand and interpret your feelings and requests.

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