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Are you a senior and need companionship?

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Are you a senior and need companionship?

Recent studies have shown that senior citizens in the United Kingdom can go more than a month without speaking to anyone. What a person needs most to live a happy life is connection. Subsequently, what elders need most during this time in their life is simply someone to speak to. Most seniors don’t actually need much help with taking care of themselves or their home. What they wish for is companionship. Guardian Carers can find the right companion for you, who will share in your interests. Some activities that your companion can join you in are:

  • Going shopping
  • Attending the theatre
  • Walking in the park
  • Attending a show or a musical event
  • Going to a gallery or museum
  • Visiting friends

If you enjoy doing all or some of these activities we can find the right companion for you. Of course, these activities are not exhaustive and your companion will be happy to join in to whatever makes you happy! When the match is just right, elderly companions become friends.

At Guardian Carers we put all our efforts into finding the right companion for you. We provide a premium service, having excellent consultants to help you in your search, every step of the way. They provide one-on-one service to determine your needs and preferences. Based on your needs and requirements, we can ensure that the experience of the carer suits you just right!

The elderly companions we can pair you with go through extensive interviews and vetting procedures. In order to find the perfect companion for your needs we advise you to conduct your own interviews, if you wish to.

Here at Guardian Carers we know that different people have different needs. Maybe you want to live life independently, or maybe you need a bit more help getting around. No matter the needs, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re and elder that needs assistance with getting around or completing everyday tasks, we will find the right companion for you. Guardian Carers elderly companions have the relevant skills and experience necessary to assist with many duties. Some of the support an elderly companion can offer is:

  • Using public transport
  • Walking the dogs or looking after your pets
  • Shopping for groceries, clothing or other necessities
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Preparing meals
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Assistance with mail, telephone calls, post
  • Driving (if necessary)

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