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What are elderly companions?

There is no place like home and Guardian Carers enables you to continue living the life you love in the home you love.

Elderly companions are simply there to offer you companionship. They are a good conversation partner, there to offer you support. If you live alone or far away from your family, choosing a companion is the right choice for you.

Elderly companions look after both your physical and mental health. They are the partner you need. Elderly companions are there for you to keep you active and engaged. They could play all sorts of games of puzzle, scrabble or cards with you, as well as take you on walks, light exercise, gardening. Whatever activity you enjoy doing, your companion is there to do it with you – just as a friend would.

Elderly companions help you live as much of an independent life as possible. Apart from offering you companionship, they can offer to help with some light duties too:

  • Cleaning / organising around your home
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Doing laundry
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Watering plants
  • Preparing meals
  • Food shopping
  • Reading out loud
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Assisting with doctor appointments
  • Going on family / friends visits
  • Providing transportation for various trips

Yes, elderly companions help you with your household chores and are there to make life a little bit easier for you. But most importantly, they are a companion. They are there for you because they want to spend time with you. You can think of your companion as a friend or maybe even a grandchild.

Having an elderly companion can be extremely useful. That is mainly linked to being socially active. Elderly companions take you out of your home “bubble” and introduce you to the world. If you enjoy art, going to music events or talks, they will be there, supporting with your interests. They can assist you with getting to different locations, making everything as easy as possible for you, and of course, offer you the companionship you need.



Guardian Carers have been so helpful finding us a carer for my mother. She is extremely independent and guardian carers have helped give us the reassurance that she has someone there to help her if...
20 Mar 2020


I phoned in on Monday in a panic as the Carer we had just hired for my uncle canceled on us. Renate our consultant was very helpful she immediately sent over two candidates for us to interview. The...
20 Mar 2020

Emma Lewis

I hired an excellent Carer for my Husband through them. The carer also helps around the house which has been a big help for us. They were the only agency that allowed me to interview and meet the...
20 Mar 2020


Superb customer service. Staff are exceptionally friendly. They have a good range of carers to choose from.
20 Mar 2020


Very pleased with the service. They found us an excellent Turkish and English speaking Carer Housekeeper. We have struggled to find someone bilingual before.
20 Mar 2020

Mariana Canguia

Guardian Carers offers a very good service, I have used and I was very happy with their service as they met all my expectations. So I do recommend :) :)
20 Mar 2020

Millicent A

My friend recommended the agency to me and I am glad I paid them a visit. I just started a new job through them. Can't thank them enough.
20 Mar 2020

Mercy N W

Guardian Carers were able to find my Dad the right Carer Housekeeper. My dad was initially very hesitant to have any help. Our consultant offered to meet with him. She explained the benefits and...
20 Mar 2020

R Blumstein

Guardian carers have been brilliant in helping me find two Carers for my parents who are based in Switzerland. We interviewed 5 candidates through them before making a decision. They made sure to...
20 Mar 2020

Aridath Oketokoun

Very good service
20 Mar 2020
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