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Why choose home care in Kensington?

With home care in Kensington, you have control as to how your day is spent, what to do and when to do it and what meals are made. Here at Guardian Carers all our carers will be carefully handpicked to tailor your exact needs. Your carer will know your routine and interests to be able to arrange activities you enjoy and know the way you like your household to be run. We can offer carers that are available to assist you from a couple of hours a day or week from helping with accompanying you to events or exchanging stories over a cup of tea. To carers that can be full time live in care to assist with everything from housekeeping to personal care. At Guardian Carers we ensure all our carers have a minimum of 3 years experience so they are always be prepared for an emergency situation, you will always know that you are safe and help is available. Our Kensington carers are also experienced and qualified to help those with dementia to simply being a companion.

How much does a Carer in Kensington cost?

The types of home care in Kensington vary in cost quite significantly, it is important to know all the facts before you decide upon the best type of care for yourself or your loved one as it involves financial planning. The first steps to planning financial costs are verifying if your loved one is eligible for support. For individuals under the age of 65, it is a good idea to apply for support from the NHS. There are also many other ways to see if you or your loved one qualifies for benefits support.

Live In Care in Kensington tends to be the most expensive option for home care in Kensington as it allows the care recipient to remain in their own home but receive round the clock, 24 hour care, 7 days a week. It is much more affordable in comparison to the cost of a care home. Live In care is different to the other types of care in Kensington as it is billed by the day or week. Normally a rota of individuals will undertake the home care, covering an agreed schedule. Live In care offers people a better standard of living and greater independence than care home provider.

Live Out Care is similar to Live In Care as, again, it allows the care recipient to remain in the home they love. However Live Out care is not 24 hour care but instead adapted to the specific needs of the individual. Live Out care is billed by the hour so it is easier to keep track of how much it is costing. This can come in the form of either Full Time, Part Time or Respite care. Respite care, typically provides relief for their usual family carer for example for a weekend or a few days or if you have had an operation and need assistance recovering. Respite care rates have the added bonus for being a cheaper option for couples as at a care home they would need to pay for two places.

What can your Kensington carer help you with?

Our Kensington carers can help you with, making your everyday life easier and allowing you to focus more on the things and hobbies you enjoy the most. Your Kensington carer can encourage you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by accompanying you to various classes or sharing healthy and nutritious recipes if that is what you wish. By having live in care in Kensington you are able to choose what to do and when you want to do it, your carer is there to provide support and assistance with whatever you choose.

Your Kensington carer can assist you with:

  • Running errands such as picking up the dry cleaning
  • Encouraging you to take up new hobbies
  • Booking appointments and making reservations
  • Pet care
  • Menu planning and cooking a variety of nutritious meals
  • Ensuring your home is kept neat and tidy
  • Preparing hot and cold beverages
  • Accompanying you to various social events
  • Maintain communication with friends and family
  • Organising day trips
  • Paying bill and home admin
  • Going for short walks around the neighbourhood

Emotional support throughout your journey

Home care in Kensington is a great source of emotional support. Although staying in your home for as long as possible is the goal it can also come with the feeling of loneliness and isolation. A Kensington carer provides you with the ability to continue your day to day activities and see your friends or loved ones when you wish.

All our home carers in Kensington would have a minimum of 3 years experience, thus they have a deep understanding of the impacts and struggles you are going through, which your loved ones may not fully understand. Your Kensington carer will be there to provide a lending hand through your good and especially, your bad days.

Ensuring your security for your peace of mind

Having a Kensington carer at home gives your loved ones the added peace of mind that you are in safe, capable and experienced hands. Having an extra able-bodied adult within the home adds another level of security. A Kensington carer assures that there is someone on hand if you should have a fall at any point of the day and it also deters any uninvited visitors. Ensuring you feel safe and secure within your own home is a core aspect of elderly home care.

How do I start my Kensington carer search?

Taking the first step and knowing where to start can be an overwhelming thought, which is why consulting a home care agency in Kensington that specialises in Kensington carers at home is essential to ensuring your search is stressfree and seamless. With an agency, you have access to expert, experienced advice. Agencies also take the hassle of finding someone out of your hands and make the process a straight forward and enjoyable experience. With Guardian Carers, we interview and screen all our candidates and we are able to provide sample contracts and a payroll service once you have found your perfect Kensington care services at home.

Our years of experience within the industry has meant that our vetting procedure has been honed down to a fine art. When you use an agency like Guardian Carers you can rest assured that the carer you are being presented with has had a thorough background check, verbal references have been verified by our consultants and their experience compliments your requirements perfectly.

Our consultants believe that your care should start the very moment you contact us, and will not stop once you have found your Kensington carer. Our consultants are always on hand to assist at any point during your search and even after you have found the carer for you.

Helping hand from the very beginning

Kensington care agencies at home such as Guardian Carers take the hassle of resourcing potential carers from you and will only present you with the best of the best that we meet. We bring them into the office for a face to face interview where their experience and qualifications are discussed at length and we are able to obtain verbal references which we then personally check ourselves.

All of our carers will have the following:

  • First Aid and Safeguarding qualification
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Any language requirements can be accommodated

From the very first call, your expert consultant will guide you through what your options are, what would suit your requirements most closely and put your mind to rest with any concerns you might have regarding your autism carer at home search. Our consultants are also on hand to help and answer any questions you might have along the way, using an agency that specialises in autism carers at home like Guardian Carers means you have a direct line to the experts. No matter what stage you are at with your Kensington care search, our consultants are on hand to assist.

Working with experts from the very start

Our years of experience within the care industry means we know what it takes to be an exceptional carer, which is why all the Kensington carers for at home we work with are the best of the best that are available. We pride ourselves on providing a premium level of service and care for our clients because we expect the same from our carers. We maintain the highest standards and expect the best from our carers because we know you expect the best for yourself.

Here at Guardian Carers, we pride ourselves on being able to delicately align a premium, luxury service for an aspect of your life that is so personal.

So much so that 90% of the families we work with result in a happy, long term placement. Using an agency that specialises in Kensington carers like Guardian Carers means you can be sure you will receive support from every side, we will take the stress of finding a carer from you and present you with Kensington services at-home options that perfectly aligns with your care needs and your schedule.

We work with your family to find solutions, whatever your needs. To make perfect and seamless placements is Guardian Carers ethos. With Guardian Carers it is your care, your home, your way.

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