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If you are thinking of getting an extra pair of hands to assist you around your home and daily life, as well as helping with your personal care and wellbeing, then it could be time to consider private home care in Leicester Private carers in Leicester could provide you with the essential assistance you need to ensure you are able to remain in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible. Home care in Leicester can be completely customisable to you, your needs and your schedule. At Guardian Carers, we will give you a wide range of carers to choose from ,that are available for Live-In or Live-Out, as well working on a full-time or part-time basis. This will depend on the type of assistance you are looking for. Our agency will ensure whilst you have a carer, your life can continue to run as smoothly as possible. Whether you require a friendly face to run some daily errands for you, or have someone to care for you on a full-time, Live-In basis, there is a carer out there for you.

All of our Leicester private carers are friendly, flexible, and highly trained to help our clients continue to live independently in the comfort and security of your own home. We completely understand that managing an illness or adjusting to a change in lifestyle can be very challenging, therefore we truly believe there is no place like home when recovering or going through any changes that can come as life goes on. Our Leicester carers will also go above and beyond to provide you with any emotional support if you are going through a tough time, so no matter what your situation is, whether you are dealing with an illness or grieving over a lost loved one, you will be guaranteed to have someone standing by your side.

If you or your loved one have more complex care needs, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, then being around familiar surroundings will be most beneficial for you, therefore staying in your home for as long as possible may be necessary. Live-In care would be able to provide you with specialised, one on one care, as may of our private carers in Leicester are specially trained and qualified to care for you if you have a progessive illness. They will have a much deeper understanding of your situation and the issues that could come along with it, they will be able to provide you with support through your condition with the expertise that your loved one may not be able to give.


By having your private carer in Leicester, it allows you to not only remain in your beloved household, but it also ensures that they can focus solely on you and your wellbeing. This may not be possible if you are living in a retirement residence. Your private carer can be at your beck and call, and can be flexible to your needs and requirements. This will enable you to live an independent life, and continue to what you like to do and when you want to do it.

Your private Leicester carer is there to assist you with your day to day life, they can perform an array of duties:

  • Helping with personal care and hygiene
  • Managing any medications and ensuring it is taken on time
  • Preparing any meals, snacks, and hot or cold beverages
  • Ensuring the household kept clean and tidy
  • Accompanying you to any social events or outings
  • Liaising with doctors and taking you to any appointments you may have
  • Encouraging you to live a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Organising any leisure activities
  • Going for walks in the park or around the neighbourhood
  • Helping with any home administration, such as sorting out bills
  • Booking any reservations or transport to restaurants and cafes
  • Feeding or walking any pets you might have

Your Leicester private carer will go above and beyond to ensure you get all the help you need.


Having a Live-In Leicester carer is considered the most comprehensive type of care that we can offer. This service is highly recommended if you want a gradual step before moving into a care home, or simply if you want to avoid it as a whole. At guardian carers, we pride ourselves in making sure you feel very comfortable with your carer, and then hopefully a care residence will not be an option for you. Your Leicester Live-In carer will be able to care for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whilst you remain in your own home.

Live-Out care is a specific type of care that will help you with your daily tasks and activities. Having a Leicester Live-Out carer will be a seamless addition to your day to day tasks, and are able to help more than just around the household.

Hiring Part-Time care in Leicester will mean your carer can be available once a week, a few times a week or for a couple of hours a day depending on what support you are looking for. If there is no need for you to require constant care throughout the day or week, then this type of care will be suitable for you. It will allow you to specify what care you need, and when you need it.

By using a private care agency such as Guardian Carers, we can also offer you a Housekeeper-Carer, which is the perfect hybrid of having a person who takes the responsibilities of your household duties, as well as assisting with your personal care. Your personal Leicester Housekeeper-Carer will be more flexible and are there to give you a helping hand wherever you may need it. This could range from changing the bed linen, to assisting with personal hygiene. A Leicester Housekeeper-Carer can be available for Part-Time or Full-Time work, as well as Live-in or Live-Out.

We can also offer you with a Companion Housekeeper. A Leicester Companion Housekeeper will be able to provide you with companionship within your daily life, as well as supporting your needs and caring for your safety. You are free to share stories and experience over a warm cup of tea. Your Leicester Companion Housekeeper will be carefully and thoroughly selected to ensure your personalities match and you share similar characteristics and morals to each other.

Respite care can also be provided for you or your loved one. Respite care allows you to be cared for within a set period of time, this can include personal and home care. In many situations, Respite care is often used for people if they have undergone an operation, or if their current private nursing carer is on annual leave. In addition, a Leicester Respite carer can also help with home transfers from the hospital for you or your loved one.


The different types of private home care in Leicester can vary in cost quite significantly. This will depend on the type of care you need, the level of support and geographical location. It is important for you and your loved one to know all the information and facts before starting your search for a carer, as this will involve financial planning.

Hiring a Live-In carer in Leicester tends to be the most expensive option, considering your carer will be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But this very popular as it allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home, without worrying about going to a retirement residence, and in comparison it is much more affordable. Live-In care in Leicester is different to other types of care because it billed either by the day or the week. It will improve the quality of life for people and and much greater independence than a care home provider.

Live-Out care is very similar to Live-In, as it also allows the care recipient to remain in their home. However, Live-Out does not consist of 24 hour care, but it is adapted to the specific needs of the individual. It is billed by the hour which will make it easier for you to keep track of how much the care is costing. Live-Out care can come in the form of either Part-Time or Full-Time, or Respite care.

The price of care can depend on the type of care you need. On average, on average, many of the Leicester private carers may cost £12-15 an hour. Our Live-In care package can range from £100 - 140 per day, but this could depend on the complexity of the role. We also provide a wide range of overnight private carers, which can cost between £15 - £20 per hour. Budgeting and financing for private care in Leicester can be difficult, but Guardian carers can provide you with any advice you need and search for the private carer that fits your financial requirements.


By having a Live-In private carer in Leicester, your loved one that added peace of mind that you are in safe, capable and experienced hands. That extra help within the home will another level of security, so if you should have a fall at point of the day or night, you can have confidence that someone is there to help you. Your private carer will also be able to deter any uninvited visitors should this every occur. At Guardian Carers your safety and security is our number one priority, and this a core aspect when it comes to finding the right Live-In care through an agency in Leicester. We will guarantee to only employ the very best of the best to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of care.


By using a private care agency such as Guardian Carers, it will take the hassle of searching for potential carers for you, and we will only present you with our very candidates that we meet. We will always invite you them in the office with a face to face interview where we will discuss their experience and qualifications in depth, and obtain their verbal references which we will check personally ourselves.

All of our carers will have the following:

  • Enhanced DBS check
  • At least 3 years of experience
  • Any language requirements can be accommodated

From the very first call, your expert consultant will guide you through what your options are, what would suit your requirements most closely and put your mind to rest with any concerns you may have regarding your live in care in Leicester search. Our consultants are also on hand to help and answer any questions you might have along the way, using an agency that specialises in carers in Leicester, such as Guardian Carers, means you have a direct line to the experts. No matter what stage you are at with your Mayfair care search, our consultants are on hand to assist.

Guardian carers strongly believe that in order to have a long-lasting placement, your carer must have similar qualities to you. We ensure to provide you with your personal expert consultant who will take the time to fully comprehend your needs, requirements, morals, and interests. This will enable us to tailor your search to ensure they meet all of your needs. It is hugely beneficial for the to have similar attributes to you as it allows them to have a deeper and special connection. Your Private Leicester carer will be there to support you the tough times and are happy to lend a shoulder to lean on.

At guardian Carers, 90% of our clients are in a pleasant, joyous, long-lasting placement. By using the, we will take the stress off your hands and you will receive support from all aspects. We are also specialised in bilingual help, so if English is not your first language in your home, our expert consultant can speak over 15 languages. We understand that speaking your native language can bring you more comfort and ease to your relationship with your carer.

We work with your family to find solutions, whatever your needs. To make perfect and seamless placements is Guardian Carers ethos. With Guardian Carers it is your care, your home, your way.

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