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Many of our private caregivers are highly trained and qualified for caring for the elderly. Even though a private caregiver can help with an array of, they tend to focus and take priority on your health and wellbeing. Private elderly caregiving is the perfect way to help the people you love and ensure they are looked after in the most comfortable way. They can assist with anything they need in their daily life, specifically if you are not quite ready to move into a retirement residence. A private caregiver can be very flexible and work around your needs and requirements, as well as your schedule. If you need private caregiver to care to live in full time, or once a week to take you to any appointments or help with any medication, or simply just needing someone to come round the house once a week, they are always ready and waiting to help. The additional support for daily life and routine could make such a difference in your wellbeing, and this means less worry from your loved ones, as well as allowing you to remain in your beloved home.

All of our private caregivers have a First Aid qualification, therefore able to assist with basic medical needs. We also have a variety of private caregivers with a nursing qualification, so they can help you if you have any medical conditions. Having a specialised private caregiver would be a good option for you as they will have a deeper understanding of your issues and care for you from a medical perspective, as well as providing support and companionship. If have an elderly loved one that may have more complex needs, for example Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, it is highly recommended to remain in familiar surroundings and staying in your home for as long as possible, this will be more beneficial for the client. Having that experience and training in these medical conditions will enable the private caregiver to deal with any challenging situations that may arise. The private caregiver can also give you information and guide you through the changes that happen, giving you much more reassurance and an extra shoulder to lean on.

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